Camp Grounded: Sunday

by danetreous

Context — The previous day at Camp I’d spent mostly on benches, at playshops where I learned things like how to crochet. We spent some time in reflection, enjoyed a purposeful campfire, and thought about how to make something bigger in our own lives out of the peace we’d each tasted. On Sunday morning I again wrote this over coffee and yoga-watching.


Our asses sore by day of wooden planks,
our bellies puffed with jointly blesséd-meals,
our minds burned fear, reorient to thanks,
our pause is pregnant with new chosen “real”s.
Our amphitheater open to the stars
because we’ve chosen to remove its doors
and welcome souls from heres and nears and fars
in faith all beings share our common cores:
of love, joy, gentleness, awe, pride, delight,
of envy, social status, hierarchy,
of individuation, wrong, and right
of choice to cage or let desire’s lark free.
And in that commonality we bathe–
someday our splashes swell to tidal wave.