Nocturnal correspondence with a brain I admired passionately, #1

by danetreous

Context — I once kept an improbable correspondence alive with a brain I admired passionately. We lived far from one another. We considered me flying out to go camping together. As that never happened, banter kept us alive. Wrote this on the evening March 12, 2011, and originally numbered my 48th sonnet.


a clever physicist could find us out
by mapping ‘lectric traces coast to coast,
but layers of cryptography throughout
psychologists to hackers full engrossed
could never disentangle fore to aft:
above the rank and file naught and one
is code infused with riddle and with craft,
a language minds in concert have begun
to fill the empty physicality
to bellow cobwebbed cortex into glow,
until in presence, his locale agreed,
it’s shed for lengthy looks, its use outgrown.
before before live oaks we resurrect
allow us to ourselves in quips protect.