Your greed allowed the creation of my backpack

by danetreous

Context — My head and my heart battle over capitalism. At my core, I envision a system incented for short-term progress plus a government properly intent on long-term progress creating the ideal society. Optics are hard to surmount.


This road was planned by men in cotton shirts
with tiny buttons manufactured in
illusive places. Needles used convert
the foreign fibers fractured to cloth skin.
This road was paved by men whose goggles arced
across their sweaty faces, plastics from
the oiled spelunking depths tycoons had marked
through industry’s refinement specs become.
This road is walked by me, in bias clear
against those resource barons whose greed brought
the businessman beside the financier
to wrest from nature dollars once unsought.
And yet I’m hypocrite, for though they’re rich
I savor use of products that they’ve stitched.