Annals of the Afroasiatic Pioneers, Vol 1. #3

by danetreous

Context — Serializing Stella. The plot thickens.


“YIP YIP!” a sound beneath the log surprised
this sulking girl, a cry that asked for help,
“A someone needs a hero!” she surmised,
and overturned the stump to find the whelp.
A scruffy, fluffy, matted ball of fur
was belly-up and trapped in wooded knot,
“perhaps some karmic credit will incur
if I can rescue and improve its lot!”
So Stella reached down in the hole to grab
this mangy thing that fit into her palm,
its whimper weak and coat a dusty drab,
she petted it and mouthed a quiet psalm.
Below the canopy, that pup outburst
would soon the course of Stella’s life reverse.