Annals of the Afroasiatic Pioneers, Vol 1. #5

by danetreous

Context — New characters emerge.


“EGADS!” the Grandmum shrieked upon the sight
of mangy mutt behind her next of kin,
“All animals are dirty and can bite,
so leave at once or I’ll make moccasins
of that there hide!” She turned her anger near,
and spanked the girl outstretched upon her knee.
And thus poor Stella renewed daily fear
of Grandmum, as the dog began to flee.
With rear end sore, she waddled through her chores,
from sweeping porch to watering the plants,
while dreaming of her lost friend’s future roars
and all the things she’d change to cans from can’ts.
But sorrow wouldn’t long be her concern:
as moon emerged, the puppy soon returned.