Annals of the Afroasiatic Pioneers, Vol 1. #6

by danetreous

Context — A return!


A dim white glow through boarded walls did light
the foam mat bed upon which Stella lay,
the blackened sky’s stars permanent in flight
all cast a pleasant interstellar ray.
“YIP YIP!” the faint sound penetrated calm,
and set aflutter Stella’s lonely heart,
its pain relieved as if with soothing balm,
by canine silhouette through curtain part.
“Sweet sassafras!” young Stella did exclaim
upon familiar sight of puppy’s mug,
a black hole puff of joy through window frame,
she scooped him up and gave a mighty hug.
“From this point on,” she turned and told the pup,
“no man or beast or witch will break us up!”