Annals of the Afroasiatic Pioneers, Vol 1. #7

by danetreous

Context — Shenanigans. Everybody needs a partner in crime.

Ensuing days, adventure was the norm,
from hopping rocks in rivers to school pranks
a true dynamic duo thus was born
and every night young Stella spoke her thanks.
When sun was high they’d chase away warthogs,
or sneak pup poop into the bully’s desk,
build castles out of twigs, make forts from logs,
until the evening never stop to rest.
At night they’d sneak from house to river bed
and chase bullfrogs and pounce on fireflies,
when winds arose, wrap shukas, quiver, dead
to all the quibbles critics tried arise.
She found fresh pulse of life in her locale,
the puppy’s presence lifting her morale.