Annals of the Afroasiatic Pioneers, Vol 1. #8

by danetreous

Context — The puppy finally earns a name.


Though fat with bread, the puppy never grew
beyond concealed carry canine size,
and so it was that Grandmum never knew
her Stella hadn’t two–but four!–brown eyes.
But six weeks passed before she had the thought
that little runt she carried lacked a name.
She floated several options, but none caught
the playful puppy spirit: pluck, but tame.
He’d bravely battle bunnies, birds and bats,
he’d catch most creepy crawlies (eat them too),
chase after shrews and moles, molest meercats.
Apollo? Rocket? Squishy? None rang true.
The dog to her meant sky, earth, everything.
To show that value, Stella named him BLING!