Annals of the Afroasiatic Pioneers, Vol 1. #9

by danetreous

Context — One can’t just bandy about sans collar. That might be uncivilized.

“Ooh! BLING’s so right I’m nearly thrown aback,
it’s bright and spunky, valuable like gold,
but not so overused as Spot. In fact,
I’m confident my BLING will break the mold!”
I’ve kept you out from Grandmum’s fuzzy view,
but don’t know how to keep up the charade…
Perhaps my bag could be the avenue
to hide you,” she continued, “a handmade
and padded pouch inside my backpack for
you can’t be hard to sew this afternoon.
And since we’ve got adventuring in store,
we’ll have to make a collar for you soon–”
for which, she’d seen a snakeskin quite intact
in storefront sill–but where? She hadn’t tracked.