Annals of the Afroasiatic Pioneers, Vol 1. #10

by danetreous

Context — I rarely end mid-sentence. Sentence completed tomorrow.


Recalling natural artifacts, she stopped,
surprised at just how many popped to mind:
she’d seen some feathers, ivory pieces cropped,
beast heads a-mount without their beast behinds.
But none she’d seen would be good harness for
her dog, and so next day at shop she asked
“Dear Mister Tanner, sir, have you in store
a collar? I’ve no money, but a task
could maybe suit to pay you. Dearest sir,
I’d rather work than ask for some handout.
You understand the young entrepreneur
and gotta know some way to help me out.”
And so she sat, intruder in his shop
to signal she’d be stubborn, ’till a mop