Annals of the Afroasiatic Pioneers, Vol 1. #11

by danetreous

Context — …the resolution.


emerged in Tanner’s dyed and callused hands
which, thrust at them, sent drops of foam and soap
upon their heads, “Well, you made the demands!
Now clean the floor with vigor and don’t mope
and maybe soon if you impress enough
I’ll find a thing or two that I can teach
you so you’ll collar that brown dog’s neck fluff.
But careful now, watch out. And mind your reach.”
With mop in hand and bucket close behind,
our Stella took to task and wet the floor.
Their skills, in fact, weren’t wholly misaligned:
the harder stains dissolved as BLING’s claws tore
them. “Little bud, I guess today’s a wash.
Together, though, we’ll make this place look posh!”