Annals of the Afroasiatic Pioneers, Vol 1. #12

by danetreous

Context — Dog as tool.


Some minutes in, a tragedy arose:
the mop’s white head unscrewed and bent and broke.
“Oh blast!” said Stella, conscious store would close
in minutes, work unfinished. Then BLING poked
her in the hand, encouraging with snout
the maintenance of hope amid despair,
then jumped into the bucket, then jumped out,
becoming mop itself with soapy hair!
He chomped down on the end of broken stick
and let his legs loose, dropping to a splay,
when dragged he cleaned — “Oh what a splendid trick!”
exclaimed young Stella, thrilled by the display.
Six minutes hence, the duo unconcerned,
old Tanner to a spotless floor returned.