Annals of the Afroasiatic Pioneers, Vol 1. #13

by danetreous

Context — Don’t break things owned by big men.


“I clearly see reflections of my shoes
upon this parquet wood you’ve fully shined.
Impressive, lass! But wait — have you abused
my mop? It’s busted!” He seemed disinclined
to shower them with gifts as mentioned for
the dog. “Since you so rudely cleft in two
the only cleaning tool I can’t restore
with handiwork of duct tape, nail and screw,
afraid I’ll have to ask you both to leave!
I must now get to fabricating wares–
this afternoon I have to interweave
my belts. Now scoot with you, unless repairs
are offered as to make me whole.” And so
a downtrod girl and pup did sorely go.