Annals of the Afroasiatic Pioneers, Vol 1. #14

by danetreous

Context — Alternative dinner.


“Suppose we’ll have to stay together, bud,
since leashes without collars never work.
I can’t believe we scraped off so much mud
with nothing in return. That guy’s a jerk,”
said Stella, as they loped on down the path
with BLING astride, alert to what could be
another reprimanding: Stella’s math
suggested they’d be late. All absentees
from dinner at precisely eight past eight
in Grandmum’s house de facto sacrificed
their food without the chance to bite-prorate.
“I think,” said she, “we’ll need to stage a heist
to fill our bellies ‘fore we’re homeward bound,”
and seemed to see BLING understand the sound.