Annals of the Afroasiatic Pioneers, Vol 1. #15

by danetreous

Context — Animal sugars. Insect proteins.


The forest cornucopia availed
a feast of plant and beast, of drink and grub–
to those who knew where nourishment was veiled,
accessible as quaffing at the pub.
“I’m not enticed by looking at those worms,”
said Stella, unimpressed by what BLING dug.
“I’m pretty sure they’re gooey and have germs,
I’d rather taste some honey.” Then she tugged
a branch that housed a yellow swarming hive,
that swayed and twisted, further every push,
until a *CRASH* and thousands came alive
to punish their transgressors in the bush!
They sprinted towards the water hole, BLING’s snout
a-leak with grubs that twisted to get out.