Annals of the Afroasiatic Pioneers, Vol 1. #18

by danetreous

Context — Honey honey honey honey honey makes me think of the warm memories of childhood Winnie the Pooh.

She bounded off through palm and soursop,
saliva massing, thoughts of sweetness soon
expected. She now calmly mused, “Our crop
today exceeds the paltry picayune
we’d get for dinner if we’d shown up late!”
Just then she spotted BLING ahead, with prize
aloft in jaws, its dripping gold flow rate
enough to dilate Stella’s hungry eyes.
A further jaunt to distance from bee guards,
they found themselves atop a precipice,
each stuffing face with honeycomb’s goo shards,
the sugar jolt and sunset bringing bliss.
A yellow day: the honey, stains and sun
were just a taste of their yet-unplanned fun.