Annals of the Afroasiatic Pioneers, Vol 1. #20

by danetreous

Context — For those unsatisfied to sit, nature can be a most attractive alternative to school.


The morning fog deterring not a whit,
our Stella marched to school with pup in pack,
her fear the day too short to simply sit,
that boredom soon would creep in and hijack
her honest wish she’d learn a thing worthwhile
for spending hours and days and weeks in class,
so that in wilderness her versatile
and adroit skill would serve her. Rather, mass
and density, historic dates, and facts
all failed to boost her instinct to survive.
“This memorizing,” she said, “just distracts
me from the things that make me feel alive.”
That day two things would happen unforeseen:
she’d meet one friend and start a lifetime dream.