Annals of the Afroasiatic Pioneers, Vol. 1 #28

by danetreous

Context — Languages cross-pollinate.


“I did!” Abu said, looking then to calm,
“and sorry if I jumped on you just now,
it’s just that no ones gets it right. ‘Salaam’
was our word first in Arabic, like ‘ciao:’
Italian first, then stolen by the Brits.
Swahili’s words ‘salama,’ ‘nyumba,’ ‘saa,’
are ‘peace,’ ‘house,’ ‘hour.’ The tongue of whom submits
to God, translating from Islamic law.”
“You sure do know,” young Stella jumped to add,
“a lot about the globe Miss Gumi got.
And me and BLING been scheming a launchpad
to rocket outta here, a real moon shot!
Assuming that you get my drift, maybe
consider joining in: we’re fine with three.”