Annals of the Afroasiatic Pioneers: Earth Day edition

by danetreous

Context — It’s Earth Day. Another excerpt from the second volume in honor. Or, at least in lambaste of climate change deniers.

To punctuate the dryness of the sky,
and sate the shriveled souls on plains who prayed,
a single day of storm swept to supply
the creeks with flows enough to ankle-wade.
Deniers on the radio used this
and recency, a bias we all share,
to say that Man’s done naught to shake earth’s bliss
with CO2, those hackneyed doctrinaires.
As rain made waterfall of cloud, Abu
attached his own self-worth to mastery
of syllabus his country’s retinue
of ministers, professors, teachers see
as critical to education for
the youth, new Tanzania’s guarantors.