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Annals of the Afroasiatic Pioneers, Vol 2, #30

Context — There are many kids of intelligence


Linguistic mastery is but one face
of all intelligence a body has.
Its kinesthetic face allows for grace
and tonal face births unexpected jazz,
its numbers side perfected by savants
allows near-instantly computed sums,
its introspective side dissects your wants,
and geospatial side makes true maps’ rhumbs.
As many kinds of smarts exist as lives
are postulated for a cat to hold,
yet placement test would eight of these deny
and simply ask retell what has been told.
Evaluations sadly thus exclude
assessment of the boy’s full aptitude.

Annals of the Afroasiatic Pioneers, Vol. 2, #Prologue

Context — I haven’t written anything public in a while. I’m working on Volume 2 of Stella’s book right now, while Volume 1’s getting gussied up with beautiful work from a local artist. I’m far (far) from being done with number two, but here’s the first draft of the start, for whistle-whetting.



I’d once thought elephants just animals,
that is, before we made them to our own,
pretended pogo’s bounce like man, in wool,
made emblem of the Pioneers alone.
We’d earned our Afro title, but not yet
our Asiatic half, so here I’ll give
perspectives from the front lines where quartet
was forged from trio’s sleuthing dividends.
We’d learned from solving Gumi’s mystery
dependence on ourselves when foreignness
from nature, nurture, custom, history,
surrounded. We’d be needing more than this.
I thus present to you the second tome:
of how we left and recreated home.

September 22, 2037

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